1. How can Your Service Be Free?

Our service is 100% free for sellers. If you are choose to sell with an real estate agent that we recommend, the real estate agent pays us a small industry standard fees. Unlike other services, we only get paid once your property has settled and you have the money in your pocket. As you can see, it is in our interest to recommend the best possible real estate agent to you who will get you the highest price for your property

2. What is Your 100% Guarantee?

Our service has helped thousands of everyday Australians like you. We are so confident with our process that we guarantee you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We continue to scour the country for the best real estate agents until we have found the perfect match for you.

3. Will I have to pay more to the agent for using your service?

Absolutely not. At Best Performing Agent, our selection of real estate agents know that they are not allowed to raise commissions. If, they do so not only do they risk not being recommended by us anymore, they also might lose your business, as you may go with a cheaper agent. We recommend you negotiate hard with the agents for their commission. We have recommended the top 3 agents for you. Comparing their quotes ensure that you get the best value.

4. Why Should I choose Best Performing Agent?

Best Performing Agents services are unique. We work for you, the seller rather than the agent. Our selection is not limited to agents who pay to ‘sign up’ to our list. We contact all agents Australia wide. We help you through out the sale process until you are satisfied and your home is sold.

5.Why Should I use your service?

The data we have access to is time consuming, and expensive to collect. Using our recommendation of agents means that you save on time, money and hassle and ensures that you get the highest price for your Real Estate.

6.Why Can’t I call the agents myself?

The only way we can continue our service as free for our sellers is if we can get a finders fee from the agent. If you contact the agents directly we miss out on this fee.

However, if you would really like to talk to the agents yourself, we offer a report outlining our findings and identifying the top 10 real estate agents in your area. This costs a small fee, which is reimbursed, should you decide to continue with our free process pathway.

7. What if I don’t like the agents you recommend?

We are not attached to any agents at all. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we continue to find the top real estate agents in the nation suited to sell your property until you are satisfied that you are dealing with the best real estate agent.

8.What if I have already started interviewing agents?

It is not uncommon for vendors to contact us after they have tried out a few real estate agents and been unsuccessful in their search. We understand this completely. Just let us know and we will exclude those agents in our research.

9.How do I know you are unbiased?

The fact that we recommend 2-3 top agents in your area who are competitors itself confirms that we are unbiased and independent. Unlike our competitors we do not recommend agents based on who gives us the most commission. All agents pay us the same fee at the end of the sale process.

10. Why do agents take on your referral?

Agents know that we only recommend genuine sellers who are willing to talk to them. It saves them having to hunt for good quality leads. While all the agents we recommend offer good customer service in general, they have been known to go the extra mile for our clients as they believe it will help them get more business from us and go higher in their rankings.